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Are You Hosting A Party With A Hawaiian Theme?

by Levi Ortiz

Are you hosting a party with a Hawaiian theme? Is a special occasion coming up? Maybe a birthday or an anniversary? Perhaps you're having a celebration upon your return from a trip to Hawaii, wanting to share your trip news with friends and family. For whatever reason you've decided on having a Hawaiian-themed party, from the invitations to arranging for luau catering, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan an event that your guests will remember for a very long time.

The Invitations

You should choose a Hawaiian theme, of course. For example, a picture of you wearing a Hawaiian lei on the front would be great. Another idea would be to include a picture of a hula dancer on the front of the invitation. Or you can keep it simple with just a pretty pineapple as the focus.

Add to the fun by asking your guests to dress in Hawaiian clothes when they come to the party. Just include the idea as part of your invitation, telling the recipients of the invitations that you will be providing the leis for them to wear once they arrive at your event.

The Food 

Unless you are an expert at Hawaiian cooking, you should definitely think of hiring a catering service, such as Marians Island Wide Catering. Consider a service that will create a luau setting like the ones in Hawaii. The caterer will know just which foods to include in your meal. Don't be hesitant about having things like poi for your guests to try.

If you decide to hire a caterer to do a Hawaiian banquet, the service may even provide tableware that has a Hawaiian theme. Find out before you shop. If you do end up buying party tableware yourself, consider selecting paper products that have things like pineapples, palm trees, and flowers as part of the design.

The Entertainment  

If you've just returned from Hawaii, think of showing pictures you took on your trip. Have the pictures made into a movie format that includes Hawaiian music. Another idea is to find somebody that can teach you and your guests how to hula dance. One fun thought is to end the event by watching Elvis Presley in the movie Blue Hawaii.

​It's always fun for guests to take home party favors. In the case of your Hawaiian-themed party, think of using small ceramic pineapples at each person's place setting. The same ceramic pineapples would be perfect party favors that will remind your guests of the fun event they shared with you.