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The Most Comprehensive Kitchen Supply Chain And What It Means For Restaurant Owners

by Levi Ortiz

As a restaurant owner, you are constantly trying to find a kitchen supply chain that does not shut down, close out, and/or leave you hanging for the things you need. It gets to be a hassle, too, when you are looking for something specific, and the supplier or manufacturer does not make or sell said item, so you have to try a different company completely. What you need is a company who manufacturers everything for the commercial kitchen from chafing dishes to spatulas. Here is how you can tell that a company is the most comprehensive one, and what it means for your restaurant.

Search the Supplier's Site for Everything

What does the supplier make? What do they have and sell? If you can find literally everything you could ever need to run your restaurant, and there is nothing you cannot type into their search engine that does not pop up with a result, that is the most comprehensive supplier/manufacturer you can find. If the site/company/manufacturer lacks some common and/or not so common pieces of equipment, they are not comprehensive at all. You will want to avoid these sites in favor of those that clearly have everything.

Longstanding Company

Another factor to look at is how long a company has been making and selling commercial kitchen appliances and supplies. There are companies that have been in business for decades and some that really have not been in business for very long. The most comprehensive ones have been around for a very long time, and they provide high quality products to boot. 

What This Means for Your Restaurant

Buying from a company like Louis Wohl & Sons Inc means a lot of things for your restaurant and the way your kitchen operates on a daily basis. It means that you have the perfect go-to source for everything you want and need, and everything comes from one source so that you never have to hunt down an item. It means that you will have consistent service every time, and that your shopping experience and shipping times are consistent. It means that you will never have to worry about your kitchen equipment supplier going out of business right when you need a reorder of a particular item or you need to buy some new equipment to add to your restaurant's kitchen. Finally, it means that you have a business relationship for as long as your restaurant is in business.